CFS NY ‘s 1st Annual Thanksgiving Virtual Food Drive


My company CFS- Creative Financial Staffing wants to give back this holiday season and we would love your help!

We are hosting a Thanksgiving Food Drive that goes through Friday, November 20th. We have partnered with our local Food Bank and all donations benefit them.

It’s very easy to participate because we are running a virtual food drive, so no need to bring canned goods to our office! All donations made online will be used to buy holiday meals at the Food Bank. We chose to do it this way because your donation actually goes further than purchasing the items at the grocery store.

You can find the link for our virtual food drive here:

We appreciate any help and donations from you! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Thank you and every little bit counts!

Johanna Rodriguez | 646-661-2226 |

Update: At present time we did make a great big dent in our food drive. Here are our stats so far!

NYC Thanksgiving virtual drive Results


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