Why Having a Work Best Friend (BFF) is Important to Your Career

best friend

Your best friend gets you through anything, is constantly there for you, makes you smile, gives you hope, listens to your troubles. It’s an essential person to have in your life just to get through it.  Well to me the same is to be said about your work best friend.

In the last couple of months I learned what it is to value and appreciate my work best friend. She has been such an amazing source for me with regards to coming into a new role and what it means to really have someone who is there for you. Here are some of the reasons why a work BFF is not only wonderful but also crucial to your career.

  1. They know exactly what you are talking about – You get home and you try to explain to your loved ones what is going on at work and as much as they try to retain all of the information you are giving them it’s not the same. You have to describe the feelings you are having, the issues, the successes and what that means. Well my office BFF knows exactly what I am talking about and better yet we can speak in shorthand!  She not only knows who and what we are speaking about but can mirror the same emotions back to me because of course we both understand what is going on.
  2. Successes and Failures – It’s important when someone who sees you 9-10 hours a day (even more so than your own family) is invested in your achievements and frustrations. I can at any time celebrate her and she celebrates me when we have an amazing day or we feel like a boss getting everything accomplished.  On the other hand if there are road blocks, tough challenges or if we are all around having a really crappy day we talk it out, listen to one another and sometimes offer a solution that you wouldn’t think of on your own. I can’t tell you how many times she has gotten me out of my slump and I was ready to take on the world again and prove that I will not be defeated.
  3. Helping each other out –I came into my role a short amount of time after she did and there are corporate policies that I have no idea about but she gave me the 411 and I was set to go! I felt less like an idiot and more like an informed employee and that makes me only stand out and look good in front of my managers and clients.
  4. We are invested in each other’s personal life – I know all about her life, her two loves (husband and dog), her interest in fashion and she knows about my love of travel and how I am obsessed with my funny goddaughter. She has supported me in my new path to becoming a vegetarian by buying me meatless meatballs that she highly recommended and I keep her very happy in her favorite chocolates. These are things that are important because like I said you are with this person so many hours in the day and you want to look out for one another
  5. Work is fun! – I loving going to my job and I know most people don’t say that because they would rather be doing anything else than work (who doesn’t want to win the lottery and take it easy) but since I don’t see myself winning anytime soon I am very happy with the firm and work that I am currently doing. She makes it so much fun by doing funny celebratory dances at her seat or going out on little excursions to refresh and re-energize us during the day. You need someone to help you remember that breaks are important and that although work is serious it doesn’t mean it has to be miserable and it’s definitely not with her around.  What also makes working with her fun is that we now share a brain and have started to even dress in the same colors on the same day.  Talk about great minds thinking alike!

These are just some of the benefits that I have already found in my work BFF. Do you have any stories or other ways your office BFF rules?  I would be happy to hear about it!


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